Welcome to zMotion!

Dear Family, Friends, zMotion & Bicycling Enthusiasts, Triathletes, Volunteers and Potential Cyclists,

As we pedal through the 2018 season, please join me in excitement as zMotion’s calendar brings many ride and charity events. Our calendar includes exciting new charity events and classic favorites, quarterly members only socials, zMotion merchandise, and exclusive club discounts!

We want passionate volunteers, and avid cyclists, triathletes and community members, dedicated to truly making our community a better place to live, work and play. Throughout the year we will be encouraging additional fundraising for the local charities named and would welcome any and all suggestions for ways to support these charities. Additionally we are forming a Volunteer Committee to help strengthen our efforts. If you are interested in being a part of this task force, please let us know.

zMotion was developed in an effort to become such a gigantic force within the community so that our collective voice would be heard. Being a part of zMotion is not just about cycling, enjoying great people, and living a more fulfilling lifestyle; it’s about our philanthropic and advocacy work. zMotion has built a strong reputation as the club that contributes to foundations such as: Ride 4 OrphansKids in DistressJoe DiMaggio Children’s HospitalMystic Force Foundation, and Help Our Military Heroes just to name a few.  At the zMotion Foundation, it's about giving more than we receive and challenging ourselves to make a bigger difference in our own lives, the lives of others and to never stop riding for a better tomorrow. We take that challenge very seriously every day and are always looking for ways to come together for the greater good.  Join us!

For those of you who are new to zMotion, our advocacy work, or even just cycling, we invite you to join us at an event or training camp for a test drive. We welcome everyone and are confident that you will have a rewarding experience that inspires you to join with an active membership!



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